A few text ideas to inspire your star map design:

A personalised gift goes a long way to showing lasting commitment. If you need a little inspiration to write your custom star map personal message we have some ideas for what to say on the star map.

The Birth of a New Child

Of course, the birth of a child is a perfect time to give a star map. A miracle has taken place and showing an exact map of the stars on that day is a great way to celebrate a new child’s birth.  Gift one to welcome a new member to the family or purchase a star map for yourself to celebrate your child’s birth. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Under this sky, a star was born
  • We wished upon a star and you were born 
  • Under these stars, our family began
  • The night our family became three 

The First Time You Met

If you have an anniversary coming up with someone a star map of the first time you met is a great way to celebrate the occasion. Whether you want to commemorate the first time you met your partner, a long-lost family member, or your best friend, a star map is an incredibly thoughtful way to remember the event. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • And on that day I found you…
  • We found our home this night 
  • I wouldn’t change a thing from this night on 
  • From this night on the laughter never stopped 

First Kiss

If you want to make your loved one feel extra special a star map of the night you shared your very first kiss together is a perfect gift – especially if you had your first kiss outside under the stars! 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • The stars above on the night we first kissed 
  • The night you stole my heart 
  • The night I fell for you 
  • The day our stars crossed 


An engagement is an incredibly special occasion and it can be difficult to think of a gift to take to an engagement party if you know you’ll also be buying a gift for a wedding. A TwinkleInTime star map makes a great, simple but impactful gift for an engagement of those closest to you. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • The two brightest stars in the sky will become one
  • Our meeting was written in the stars 
  • How proud the heavens must be that we found one another 
  • You are every one of my stars 


Someone’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives, and it can be gone in a flash. A star map is a great way to put marriage back in perspective and remember how lucky they are to have found each other every time they look at the map on their wall.  

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Under these stars, we said “I do” 
  • Under these stars forever began 
  • Our first night sky as husband and wife 
  • Our first of many days and nights together 


It’s difficult to think up new and thoughtful ways to express your love and gratitude for your partner when you’ve been together for a long time, so if you’ve yet to give them a star map, now is the time! An anniversary star map is also a great idea to celebrate other anniversaries, such as the anniversary of being at a company, of living together, or of living in your favorite city. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Hand in hand we look up at the stars forevermore 
  • I wished upon a star for you 
  • You help me shine 
  • We are immortalized in the stars 


What do you get for the person who has everything? A personalized star map! Choose an important event or simply choose the day and place of their birth for a beautiful birthday star map they can mount on the wall. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • On this night a star was born 
  • The stars aligned on this night 
  • You are made of stardust 
  • The night your journey began 

Wedding Day Guestbook

A fantastic way of celebrating your wedding day is to use a wedding day star map (or multiple, depending on how many guests you have) with a white background as your guestbook. Use sharpies in your wedding colors and ask guests to use the white space as your guestbook. This way, your guestbook won’t be hidden away in a box but can stay on the wall as a reminder of your beautiful day and how loved you are!

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • We shared our day with those we love 
  • Our love was written in the stars 
  • On our perfect day, we were joined by… 
  • On this day, we said “I do”, surrounded with love

The Day Your Pet Came into Your Life

Not everyone is a pet parent, but for those of us that are, our pets are everything. They are our children and key members of the family. What better way to commemorate the day your pet came into your life than with a star map? The beautiful artwork will remind you of how special your love with your pet was long after they’ve passed. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Two souls united 
  • You asked for nothing but my company 
  • My time with you is written in the stars 
  • The day four paws padded into my life 

Birth of a Business

Starting a business is a huge step for someone, and often, the path the entrepreneur walks is a lonely one. If you, or someone you love has been brave enough to start a business, a star map is a great way of celebrating that achievement and showing how proud you are of yourself or your loved one. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • You’ll find yourself among the stars 
  • You walk your own path like the stars above 
  • The day you declared your greatness 
  • It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it 

For Remembrance

Coming to terms with a loved one’s death is incredibly hard. A star map of a beautiful day shared with that person can be a wonderful way to remember that person. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Now you sleep amongst the stars 
  • Until we meet again 
  • Your journey continues in heaven 
  • Think of me whenever you look up and know I’m proud of you 

Mother’s Day

Flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day are always nice, but they aren’t all that thoughtful. A personalized star map is a great way to show mom how much you care. Gift her with the date of her own birth or another important date where you were grateful for her support. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • The stars aligned on this night 
  • Thank you for being you 
  • The sky over [place] when you came into the world 
  • The stars reflect my gratitude for you 

Father’s Day

Dad’s are difficult to buy for. If they need something they’ll buy it for themselves, and it’s easy to simply buy them alcohol and hope for the best. But dads enjoy thoughtful gifts too, gifts like a custom star map. Choose an iconic day for the two of you and get the tissues ready in case he cries happy tears. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • Thank you for leading me through the dark 
  • Daddy’s girl was born this night 
  • Never forget this night 
  • And so a father and son were bonded 


A custom star map is also the ideal gift for retirement, whether it is your own father’s retirement or that of a long-term colleague who has been an asset to your company. Say thank you with a sentimental gift for all the years of hard work they put in to provide for you or to help the company grow. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • You’ve been a star 
  • Onward to new pastures and bright nights 
  • Now take the time to stargaze 
  • Never forget the difference you made 


Graduation is the perfect time to immortalize your loved one’s success with a personalized star map. Whether they’ve graduated high school, college, or graduate school, a star map will help them feel proud of their incredible achievement each time they glance at the map on their wall. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • You were destined to succeed 
  • You are a shining star 
  • You reached for the stars and touched them 
  • You have no limits 

The Day You Bought or Moved into Your Home

The purchase of your first home, or indeed moving into any home where you intend to make many memories, is an occasion to remember. A new home is a great occasion to purchase a personalized star map to hang on the wall and strive to make the house a home for many happy years. 

Ideas for what to say on the star map are: 

  • The night we made this house a home 
  • Our first home 
  • Our first night sky in our home 
  • New home, new adventure, new stars 

Your own love message on a beautiful gift

We hope you have found a personal message you like to personalise your star map wedding anniversary gift. Of course, feel free to mix and match, edit, and create your own message love message for her.

A custom Stargazing Map showing thousands of stars, the Moon, the constellations, and even the Sun over your Big Day is just the perfect support for your love message.

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